1. teardrop, drop, droplet, bead, globule.
2.(all of the eyes) water, well or fill up with tears, get moist or dewy or teary; secrete tears, shed tears, weep, gush, overflow.
1. rip, rend, reave, rive, pull apart; shred, rip or pull to shreds or pieces, tear up, put asunder, destroy.
2. wrench, wrest, extract, yank off, pull off, detach, tear off; peel, strip, bark, husk, skin, unwrap, undo; snatch, grab, grasp, pull at, pick at.
3. divide, split, disrupt, rupture, turn upside down or topsy-turvy, cause an upheaval; (of oneself) separate, remove, absent, take one's leave, depart, leave, get away from; upset, distress, harrow, worry, torture, torment, tear [s.o.] up, pull at [s.o.'s] heartstrings.
4. wound, injure, hurt, pain; stab, pierce, lancinate, knife, cut, gash, slash, slit, gore, score; lacerate, mangle, hack up, cut to pieces, tear limb from limb, disjoint, dismember, dissect, anatomize, vivisect.
5. come apart, come apart at the seams, rip or split open, burst open, dehisce; make or leave a hole, fall apart, disintegrate.
6. rampage, rip, dart, dash, shoot, bolt, whiz, Inf. zoom, Inf. zip, Inf. go like lightning or the wind, Inf. go like the dickens; speed, sprint, race, hie, hasten, fly, flit, run, gallop, burn up the road, rush, hurry, scurry, scramble, bustle, Inf. hustle; scoot, scud, scuttle, flee, Inf. skedaddle, make tracks.
7. rip, rent, split, fissure, rift, fault, clevage, cleft, severance, break, breach, rupture, fracture; cut, slit, slash, gore, gash, score, stab, laceration; wound, injury, hurt, Slang. boo-boo.
8. rampage, fury, rage, storm, ranting and raving, tantrum, fit, hysterics, passion; flare-up, outburst, explosion, blowup, fulmination; flurry, burst, spurt, gush, outpouring, effusion; dash, dart, rush, hurry, scurry, scramble.
9.Slang. spree, lark, fling, escapade, antic, adventure, Inf. bout, Inf. binge, Sl. bust, Sl. bender, Sl. hellbender, Sl. jag, Sl. toot, Sl. bat; gambol, frolic, rollick, romp, frisk; party, wing-ding, fun time, celebration, merrymaking, revelry, jollification, Irish. hooley; orgy, debauch, saturnalia; carousal, carouse, revel, wassail, guzzle, bouse, brannigan, potation, compotation, Inf. booze, Sl. drunk, Sl. barhop, Sl. bar-crawl, Brit. Sl. pub-crawl.

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